Womens Wool Winter Coats


Womens Wool Winter Coats

Are you ready for the chill of winter? Wool is a popular winter coat option as wool can adapt to fluctuations in your body temperature. Wool coats come in many styles and weights to suit your body shape & lifestyle.

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Advantages of Ladies Wool Coats

As a fabric, wool has a number of advantages. It is naturally water resistant, as it contains lanolin. Wool is also an excellent insulator for women’s winter coats, and a coat made of wool will keep you warm and…
– with little weight, wool naturally keeps you warm
– naturally anti-microbial, so it staves off odours
– does not wrinkle easily
– extremely durable and hard-wearing
– breathable
– static resistant
– fire retardant
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George Mallory climbed Mount Everest in a woollen tweed jacket

As wool does not collect moisture, it hardly ever attracts mould or bacteria. Since dust needs moisture to survive, it tends to repel it as well. Easy to clean because dirt sits on the surface of the fibre.

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