How To Figure Out Your Colour Contrast [Video]


How To Figure Out Your Colour Contrast [Video]

How to figure out what your colour contrast levels are. Should you wear lots of different colours together or a more monochromatic palette? Learn about how your hair, skin and eye colours can tell you what looks fabulous on you.

How to Choose Clothing Colours That Flatter Your Skin Tone

The first step in transforming a closet into a flattering wardrobe of clothes is to determine your natural skin tone. Analyzing  your skin and hair together helps you find a specific palette of colors to suit & compliment your colouring.

Your colour analysis palette to find our what colours suit you include makeup colors, clothing, or even jewellery.  Remember… just because a colour is in fashion doesn’t mean it’s the right colour for your complexion.

Skin tones are categorized by the seasons –Winter, Summer, Spring & Autumn.

Here are some celebrities to help you identify the seasonal colours….

  • Winter – Elizabeth Hurley, Courteney Cox, Megan Fox
  • Summer – Mila Jovovich, Christie Brinkley,Miranda Lambert
  • Spring – Naomi Watts, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Fairchild
  • Autumn – Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Marcia Cross

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Color Me Beautiful - Carole JacksonColor Me Beautiful Review : Great, timeless book with easy-to-use principles, questions, and diagrams to help you find your most flattering colors and styles for your clothing and makeup.

Besides color analyzing, it also has sections on skin care, makeup application, choosing essential pieces of clothing for a basic wardrobe, and more. It’s definitely a classic book that will get you off to a good start on the journey to looking your best!

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