1000 Fashion Outfits


1000 Fashion Outfits From Just 30 Pieces – Your Guide To Looking Hot & Fabulous On A Budget

If you’re anything like me… I’m sure you look in your wardrobe stuffed full of clothes and yet you still find nothing to wear!

Must admit… I have started sorting and culling my wardrobe… and was amazed (and shocked)  at what I found including items still with their tags on!  Another nice surprise that a little weight loss has meant clothes now fit!  What treasure do you have hidden in your wardrobe?

Did you know that you can now create more than 1,000 outfits from just 30 items (and yes, that INCLUDES shoes and bags!).

Want to know the secret? By using mixing-and-matching technique that professional fashion stylist has fine tuned for many clients over the years.

Are you aware that the key is balance to your fashion wardrobe choices….. every wardrobe that works needs enough basic staples. You then need enough pieces to add colour and pizzazz…. and your own style.
During my research I found This book…1000 Fashion Outfits From Just 30 Pieces which shows you the ONLY 30 pieces you need to create your perfect, balanced wardrobe.

Inside the book are full colour illustrations of:
– Each of the 30 items– Alternate shapes / styles for different body shapes
– Complete outfit examples

You’ll also get a full list of all 1,000 outfit combinations created from these 30 items. ..From office to weekend, the cold depths of winter to hot summers.

Never be stuck with “what to wear” dramas again…with your very own fashion stylist who helps you step by step to the perfect wardrobe!

See what others have to say about 1000 Fashion Outfits From Just 30 Pieces Rating 5 stars

Must have! cheat sheet at the end to help you style. Very helpful. Sweet, short and ACTIONABLE advise. Love her writing too. Can’t wait to clean up my wardrobe and off I go with my TERRIFIC THIRTY! Mrs Tan

Wendy’s tips are incredibly practical but still flexible enough to allow for personal preferences and the injection of personality into your wardrobe choices. If you ‘never have anything to wear’ this book will be your new best friend. By Gina

This is a great book that has both fantastic practical advice and is an entertaining read. I would highly recommend this book. By Katrina m blake

Read More Reviews Here … Never be stuck with “what to wear” dramas again!

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